Article I.

Heran Violoncello Competition hereinafter referred to as the Competition is an International referred Music Competition for Youth up to the age of sixteen. It is held every year in the town of Ústí nad Orlicí, where Mr. Bohuš Heran was born.

Article II.

The advertiser of the Competition is the town of Ústí nad Orlicí, represented by its Mayor and by the Town Council, the co-advertiser is the Ministry for Education, Youth and Physical Education of the Czech Republic in Prague.

Financial resources needed for the preparation and realisation of the Competition are concentrated in the Jaroslav Kocian Fund, the seat of which is in Ústí nad Orlicí.

The organizer of the Competition is the Organization Committee, the members of which are the representatives of Klubcentrum, of Jaroslav Kocian School of Arts and other subjects. The Organization Committee is headed by its Chairman, who is elected at the first meeting of the Organization Committee for the relevant Competition.

The collaboration of all subjects mentioned above is directed by established rules.

The Organization Committee as the organiser of the Competition makes out the Organization Rules defining the conditions and rules of the Competition and the Jury Regulations, which regulates the work of the jury.

The Organization Committee appoints and dismisses the Chairman and the members of the Jury, appoints the members of the Secretariat of the Jury and the Secretary. This one is appointed for the period of five years and has the following rights and duties:

  • they participate in the proceedings of the jury
  • they secure the regular course of the Competition
  • they work out the results of evaluation and verifies its correctness
  • they act in public in the name of the Organization Committee during the Competition

Article III.

The Jury shall be a body of outstanding artists and professionals and prominent personalities in musical and publicity branch. The Jury will be composed of seven members with international participation.

The Chairman of the Jury will be appointed by the Organization Committee. Other jurors will be appointed by the Organization Committee after consulting the Chairman of the Jury. In the case of illness or any other case of absence of any members of the jury, a new juror must be appointed.

The names of the Jury must be published before the start of the Competition.

Prior to the start of the Competition the Chairman and the members of the jury shall acquaint themselves with this Statute and with the Jury Regulations and are obliged to act in accordance with them.

Article IV.

This Statute has been set out in Czech and English. In the event of any disputes, the Czech version will be considered as authentic text.

Organization Committee of the Competition