1st category: year of birth 2012 and younger

2nd category: year of birth 2011 and 2010

3rd category: year of birth 2009 and 2008

4th category: year of birth 2007 and 2006


The definite classification of the competitors will be determined by the year of birth.

The 27th year of the competition is one round only in all categories. The competition is public.




1st category:

Bohuslav Martinů: Suite Miniature No. 4

free program in minimum length of 3 minutes

The entire performance mustn’t be longer than 8 minutes


2nd category:

Jan Křtitel Vaňhal: Theme with Variations in C Major

one of following etudes by Sebastian Lee - 1, 2 or 3

free program in minimum length of 5 minutes

The entire performance mustn’t be longer than 12 — 18 minutes


3rd category:

Josef Mysliveček: Sonata in G Major (National Music Publishing Moscow 1960)

one of following etudes by Sebastian Lee — 10, 11 or 21

free program in minimum length of 6 minutes

The entire performance mustn’t be longer than 16 — 25 minutes



4th category:

Bohuslav Martinů: Variation on a Slovakian Theme (Bärenreiter Praha)

one of following etudes by Sebastian Lee — 19, 21 or 40

free program in minimum length of 8 minutes

The entire performance mustn’t be longer than 20 — 30 minutes


Sebastian Lee: op. 31, Forty Melodic and Progressive Etudes For Cello Book 1


The time limit for each category is understood as a pure playing time (not the entire time you spend on the stage). The order in which the compositions will be played is arbitrary.


All compositions must be played for memory.

Kindly arrange a piano accompaniment, as we do not, under any circumstances, provide one.


In case of exceeding given time limit the jury may stop the competitor even before they have finished their performance. The lower time limit must be met, as not doing so may be a reason for a disqualification.


The lot numbers drawn before beginning of respective category will determine order of performances. Drawing lots is conducted 30 minutes before the beginning of each category. Contestants not present at the drawing will not be allowed to compete.


The jury is appointed by the organiser according to the jury statue. The jury is international. The competitors have no right to present any objections against the composition of the jury.

The jury in entitled to award the first to third prize and the Certificate of Merit of the first to third grade. Other contestants will receive a Certificate of Participation.


At the end of the competition the jury will proclaim the absolute winner of the competition who can use the title ‘Laureate of the Heran Violoncello Competition’. The jury in entitled to award other special prizes and acknowledgments.

All prizes and other special awards will be given to winners at the Final Concert. If the contestant is not present for the ceremony, they forfeit their prizes. Prize winners and other selected contestants will perform at this concert. Who will play at the concert will be made public during the Announcement of Results. Performing at the Final Concert is obligatory for the chosen contestants.


All issues, disputes or protests will be resolved by the organisation team and its decision is unequivocal.


To sign up for the competition, contestants have to send binding application and pay the registration fee before 28th of February 2022.


Participation fee for contestants from abroad is 60 EUR. It must be paid the following bank account:


IBAN: CZ05 0800 0000 0013 2017 0329


Name of bank account: Klubcentrum v Ústí nad Orlicí


Name of contestant and category in which they compete should be filled in as a “message for the recipient”. Thank you.


The participants pay for all their travelling expenses and accommodation themselves. The Competition Secretariat ensures for competitors advertising materials, place for rehearsals and assistance.