Announcement of the 27th Heran Violoncello Competition 

The town of Ústí nad Orlicí announces that 27th Heran Violoncello Competition will take place in person from 20th to 23rd of April 2022 in Ústí nad Orlicí, Czech Republic.

More information in Organization Rules.

Prizes 2021

The laureate of 26th Heran Violoncello Competition is Fryderyk Leon Midor from Poland. Congratulation!


The prize from the Master Jaroslav Kocian foundation fund: prize money 5.000 Czech crowns:

  • Fryderyk Leon Midor

The prize from Bärenreiter Prague music publisher for laureate: purchase of music scores in Bärenreiter Praha and Bärenreiter-Verlag Kassel worth 3 000 CZK:

  • Fryderyk Leon Midor

The prize from the Bohuslav Martinů Foundation for the best interpretation of Bohuslav Martinů Variations on Slovakian folk song in 4th category: prize money 15.000 CZK:

  • Lukáš Mareček 

The prize of Frantisek Kinsky, the New Chateau owner in Kostelec nad Orlici, for the best Czech competitor of each category: a ceremony concert invitation:

  • Markéta Štenclová z 1. kategorie
  • Naďa Strnadová ze 2. kategorie
  • Seoyeon Lim ze 3. kategorie
  • Lukáš Mareček ze 4. kategorie
Invitation for Little prodigies concert during Music festival Znojmo 2021 for the extraordinary performance of the young player in the 1st or 2nd category (selected by a jury):
  • Rey Gergov

The prize from the Master Jaroslav Kocian foundation fund for the winner in each category: prize money 2 000 CZK:

  • Rey Gergov
  • Albrecht Freytag
  • Fryderyk Leon Midor

The prize from the Master Jaroslav Kocian foundation fund for the youngest participant:

  • Kanon Huang

We would like to congratulate the winners!

Videos announcing individual categories can be found here.

videos 2021

1st Category

2nd Category

3rd Category

4th Category

Competition catalogue


Recording tips

The deadline for the recording submission is 8th April 2021

Dear contestants and teachers,

We are aware of the complications arising from closed schools, limited traveling possibilities, or health problems caused by the Covid-19 virus. That is why we have decided to move the deadline for the recording submission to the 8th of April 2021. We cannot move it any further, since the jury needs sufficient time to evaluate your performances. 

I wish all of you good luck with preparations for the competition.

Lenka Lipenska
Competition Directress

personal patronage

Mr. Josef Kozel, Pardubice Region Council member in charge of education, gives his personal patronage to 26th Heran Violoncello Competition. This gesture is proof of how much are both the competition and the heritage of cellist Bohus Heran appreciated in the Pardubice Region.

Dear friends of master Bohus Heran,

It is my pleasure to announce that for the 26th Heran Violoncello Competition we have received 34 applications. 20 young cellists from Czech Republic will compete with students from Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Estonia, Belarus, Bulgaria and Mongolia. So the foreign participants are from 8 countries. We are very much looking forward to hear all the performances, albeit only via video recordings. 

I wish all of you good luck with preparations for the competition. 


Lenka Lipenska

competition director

26th Heran Violoncello Competition 2021 will take place online on the date as originally stipulated.

Given the COVID-19 situation, the competition will be based on video recordings send via Youtube channel.

Results will be published on Friday, April 16th, 2021.

The deadline for application submition is February 28th 2021. 


Organization rules for 26th Heran Violoncello Competition

Given the nature of this year's competition, all categories will have one round only. The Etudes by Sebastian Lee will NOT be played.

Contestants will submit their video recording as two entries (1st entry = compulsory composition without the study, 2nd entry = free program in the duration of time limit for each category. The time limit is for playing only - excludes e.g. tuning between pieces). The deadline for recording submition is March 31st 2021.

Each video must be performed by the applicant, in one take without any interruptions, same as during live performance (including the optional tuning of the cello). No moving of the camera, no additional editations or alterations are allowed. Performers’ hands and face has to be visible during the entire performance.

One set of score points will be awarded for both videos together.

All compositions must be played from memory, an obvious breach of this rule is a reason for disqualification. If playing a Concerto as a free program, it is possible to shorten the piano part in an introduction or in an interlude.  

Contestants must ensure the good audio quality of the recording, as this one is part of the evaluation.

All entries of every contestant will be made public on Youtube after the final results are announced.

The registration fee of 40 EUR is part of the application and is not refundable. 

Detailed information about recordings:
The video should be recorded horizontally and uploaded on Youtube as an Unlisted video.
Title: Heran Violoncello Competition 2021, name of the contestant, category.
Description: Name of the contestant, category, city/country, name(s) of piece(s).

Kindly send the links with your videos to the following email address:, the deadline for the submission is March 31st, 2021

Dear contestants

We would like to inform you that we are preparing for the 26th Heran Cello Competition and we are very much looking forward to, hopefully, see you in Usti nad Orlici. 
However, given the uncertain nature of the current situation, we are yet to decide whether to make the competition in person or online. This will be decided during February 2021. Therefore, I would like to ask you NOT to pay the registration fees yet - the amount will be decided later based on the form of the competition (this information will be available no later than 28th February 2021). The deadline for the payment will be 31st March 2021. Also, this year we are making an exception for foreign contestants, who will be allowed to pay the registration fee upon arrival. 
Best regards,
Lenka Lipenska
competition director